Enjoy three hours of fun creating art using watercolor, rice paper, and wax! 

We'll use rice paper to paint with watercolor, use wax to block, and then take the wax out of the rice paper using an iron. This creates a batik, fabric like texture on the rice paper and its beautiful! 


Technique Discussions Include:

* Ideas for concept of design and image

* Discuss ways the watercolor works with the paper

* Look at the effect of various kinds of wax (bee's, paraffin) 

* Explore the playful expression of creativity

Watercolor and Wax Workshop

Sorry~Saturday April 4, 2020~ Sorry

We'll reschedule ~​9:00 am - 12 noon~ We'll reschedule

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* $75.00 per person

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* This class is for adults and young adults responsible enough to handle HOT WAX

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